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For years, the tobacco industry has told teens that vaping is a great way to relax. But in reality, vaping nicotine actually increases feelings of stress and anxiety.

So we wanted to show them that what they think is chilling them out is actually stressing them out.

It’s a Breath of Stress Air.

Creatives: Brian Marcolini, Tim Kang, Sasyk Mihal, Camilo De Galofre, Yula Ye, Damian Antonio, Ilana Wolstien
Leadership: Mo Said, Jono Paul
Strategy: Nitin Dua, Rachelle Avila
Made in collaboration with Buck 

Panera Bread


Panera Bread came to GS&P and said "We're getting in the pizza business and we need your help."

"Is it cheesy?" We asked.

"Oh yeah." They replied.

"Coming right up."

To hype up the new flatbread pizza at Panera Bread, we created a cheesy Rom Com starring Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World.

We even got Fred Savage to direct it. Bon Appetit.

Creatives: Casey Powell, Guy Olson
CDs: Will Elliott
ECD: Margaret Johnson
Director: Fred Savage



New Yorkers don't have to be faithful anymore.

With Street Easy's vetted and verified apartments across all five boroughs,
New Yorkers can get a little naughty with their searches.

We took over every nook and cranny in New York to tell residents
that It's Okay To Look.

In unit laundry? Oh baby.

Have a doorman fantasy? You're so bad.

Because after all, it's just looking... For now.

Creatives: Matt Klugman, Anna McCaleb
ACDs: Nick Troop, Maxx Delaney
CCO: Rob Baird
Artist: Sam Spratt

ACC Network


In March 2020, the ACC men's basketball tournament (briefly) returned home to Greensboro, North Carolina. The ACC Network saw this as the perfect opportunity to introduce fans to the all-access coverage, as well as a look behind the brand's tagline "We Do This."

So we created The Showcase - an interactive fan experience that takes fans out of the bleachers and puts them onto the court.

Fans were able to input their name, preferred jersey number, and their favorite ACC team and the screens within the experience would change to make it a personalized experience - perfectly sized for sharing on their Instagram.

Creatives: Matt Klugman, Michael Nielsen
ACDs: Jimmie Blount
Production: N/A Collective